Holographic Flashabou Magnum


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The extreme 3D color effect added to Flashabou original in a wider and stronger cut. Contains approximately 400 strands, 1/32″ wide by 20″ long. It adds extra strength, bulk, and sparkle to a variety of streamers, nymphs, and other flies tied with Flashabou. As a wing-case material, this is a perfect choice for sizes 14 and larger; a single strand will work for many applications. Comes in a variety of colors.

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3205-Pearl, 3244-Sunrise, 3245-Sunset, 3246-Moonlight, 3248-Crawdad, 3275-Olive, 3276-Teal, 3282-Yellow, 3283-Orange, 3284-Cranberry, 3285-Firetiger, 3286-Copper, 3287-Brown, 3288-Pink, 3289-Chartreuse, 3290-Silver Ice, 3291-Silver, 3292-Gold, 3295-Fuschia, 3296-Red, 3297-Black, 3298-Rainbow, 3299-Purple


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