Marc Petitjean Select CDC Feathers 1 Gram


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The secret of good fly tying is to use top quality materials! Marc Petitjean pride themselves in providing the fly tying world with the best CDC feathers available, both natural (in white, beige, and dark-black) as well as in a variety of dyed colors.

In order to preserve the very fine structure of Petitjean CDC feathers, they have developed their own, secret and unique production processes. Unlike other manufacturers, Marc Petitjean specify that no detergents, acids, or excessive heating is used. In addition, Marc Petitjean use a special finishing processes that ensure their CDC feathers are the very best.

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Beige (Natural Dun), White, Olive, Bistre, Cream, Yellow (Old), Black (Dyed), Blue Dun


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