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  • Competitive Angler Hoodie

    We're excited to launch our newest Competitive Angler hoodie. Whether you wear it out to the streams or around the house, show off your fly fishing passion and stand with us as Competitive Anglers.
    • Currently available on backorder with item shipping by December 5, 2017.
    • Available in several colors and unisex sizes.
    $30.00 Select options
  • Competitive Angler Gift Card

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift but don’t know what to get, a Competitive Angler gift card is the best choice. Select from several amounts or set your own value. You can choose the occasion and decide when the lucky angler gets sent the card.
    • Choose the gift card value or set your own
    • Choose a gift card design
    • Insert the recipient’s email and name
    • Insert your name
    • Add a message for the recipient
    • Choose “Postpone Delivery” if you want your recipient to receive the gift card on a specific date
    $25.00$150.00 Buy product
  • Hemingway’s Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills

    Hemingway's Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills are manufactured on self-adhesive vinyl and cut to tapered strips. Highly detailed print for a more realistic pattern. Perfect for nymphs and buzzer bodies. Dimensions: 0.2mm x 2.2mm x 100mm
    $5.75 Select options
  • Textreme Easy Dub

    Also known as Emerger Yarn, Textreme Easy Dub gives a particular sparkling effect that does not cause the natural look of the base color to be lost. It's easy-to-use and allows for the creation of any type of body. Specs:
    • Spool of 10 mt.
    • Count 520 Den.
    $3.75 Select options
  • Renomed Straight Scissors

    Renomed is a family business with over 35-year history specialized in scissors for various applications, from surgical to every day use. Strong attention to detail, modern design, perfect functionality and high quality materials produced a beautiful and precise tool for every tier. One of the best scissors on the market!
    $29.99$34.99 Select options
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  • Textreme X-Type Thread

    Flat metallized film, reinforced with a special double monofilament in polyamide. Ideal for ribbings and for small and extremely small bodies of flies.
    $3.25 Select options
  • Textreme Pure Wool Thread

    Also known as special body thread, a thin thread of pure wool, suitable as a base material for tying bodies, or else in combination with other materials, both natural and synthetic. Suitable for submerged flies and nymphs. - Spool of 10 mt. - Count 300 Den.
    $3.50 Select options

On Sale

  • Lefty Kreh’s Waterproofed Strike Indicator Yarn

    This strike indicator has already been waterproofed so you don’t have to apply any floatant. This ultra-light wool yarn is bio-degradable and floats like a cork. It is fully adjustable, reusable, very easy to put on and extremely high in visibility.
    • Yarn Kits include 2-ft of yarn, 1 bag of rubber bands, & 1 velcro yarn brush tool
    $1.99$9.99 Select options
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  • Competitive Angler T-Shirts

    Competitive Angler Logo Shirts made of 100% cotton in tan.  Brand name of shirt is Gildan Ultra Cotton.
    $20.00 $10.00 Select options
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