Hends Holostrength 1/100” Tinsel


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Holostrength is much stronger and more resistant to break then Holographic Tinsel, and it is narrower. Soft and great for ribbing even very small flies, good for buzzers, small fly backs, small fly hotspots and other details where normal tinsel is too thick. Hends clip edge spools help manage the loose end. Works really well covered will UV glue for a faster sink rate.
*12 yds per spool
*0.1mm tinsel diameter

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01-Red, 02-Silver, 03-Gold, 04-Pink Violet, 05-Green, 06-Dark Blue, 07-Black, 08-Violet, 09-Red/Pink, 10-Pearl, 11-Silver/Purple, 12-Rainbow, 13-Peacock, 14-Dark Gold, 15-Brown, 16-Grey, 17-Dark Pink, 22-Orange


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