Nature’s Spirit Spinning Deer Hair (2″x3″)


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Late season hides graded for length (1 1/2 to 3 inches), minimum underfur, good textures, straightness and hair density on the hide. Suitable for a wide range of spinning applications.

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33-Black, 49-Bleached, 23-Brown, 37-Medium Dun, 48-Natural Whitetail, 04-Olive, 10b-Rusty Brown, 42-Tan, 12-Yellow, 05-Light Olive, 13-Pale Yellow, 48-Natural Whitetail 6" x 6", 04s-Sculpin Olive, 32-Orange, 31a-Claret, 50-Natural Mule Deer, 73-Purple, 78-Frog Green, 72-Fl. Chartreuse


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