Fish Hunter Collaring Schlappen Feathers


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Collaring Schlappen is a nice mid size schlappen for smaller bodies streamers. The perfect use for collars on your streamers and spey flies.

* Averaging 4-5.5″ in length.

* 1/8 oz bag.

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010-Medium Olive, 014-Galloup's Brown Olive, 003-Lemon Yellow, 137-Brown (UV), 136-Black (UV), 000-Bleached White, 035-Tan, 022-Heron Gray, 128-Crawdad Orange (UV), 016-Purple, 122-Heron Gray (UV), 110-Medium Olive (UV), 008-Dark Olive, 001-Fl. White (UV), 046-Fl. Damsel Nymph Olive (UV), 109-Sculpin Tan (UV), 013-Yellow Olive, 004-Fl. Chartreuse (UV), 115-Sculpin Olive (UV), 033-Maroon/Wine, 036-Black, 075-Tobacco Brown, 068-Fl. Steelhead Purple (UV), 116-Purple (UV), 006-Fl. Medium Pink (UV), 007-Kelly Green, 030-Hot Orange, 031-Hot Red, 017-Fl.Fuchsia (UV), 041-Dark Turqoise/KFB, 048-Fl. Steelhead Orange (UV), 058-Fl. Lilac (UV), 096-Fl. Melon (UV)


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