Jan Siman Hare Grizzly Dubbing


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Hare’s natural dubbing with the additon of clear and shiny black fibers, creating unique color and structure effects. Indispensable for tying nymphs, wet flies, dry flies, streamers, Czech nymphs. Dubbing is handcrafted and mixed for immediate use.

* Hare’s natural dubbing is a very popular dubbing that can be used for anything that crawls.

* This dubbing is super easy to work with, and even easy to blend yourself. You have wide possibilities when using this natural hare’s dubbing for tying your flies.

Tip: Add the copper wire, use the Turbo Spinning block and make nice Hare’s dubbing brushes and soft dubs.

Made in the Czech Republic by Siman Fly Shop.

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01-Tan, 02-Light Natural, 03-Natural, 04-Dark Natural, 05-Black, 06-Chocolate Brown, 07-Light Brown, 08-Red Brown, 09-Olive Brown, 10-Olive, 11-Golden Olive, 12-Light Olive, 19-Caddis Green, 20-Tobacco


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