Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing

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Coarse nymph blend with synthetics added for flash and body. Simi Seal is the exclusive material used to tie the world-famous Simi Seal Leech. This material can also be used in a variety of dubbing applications from nymph patterns to medium-sized streamers (Great for buggers). Because the coarse fibers produce a bushy dubbing that can be used to build large bodies or it can be vigorously brushed out and trimmed or left long.

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01-Black, 02-Black/Purple, 03-Black/Red, 04-Brown, 05-Burgundy, 06-Chartreuse, 07-Crystal, 08-Dark Brown, 09-Dark Olive, 10-Golden Olive, 11-Gray/Olive, 12-Olive, 13-Pink, 14-Purple, 15-Red, 16-Peacock, 17-Bronze Peacock, 18-Golden Peacock, 19-Canadian Brown, 20-Canadian Black, 21-Black/Blue, 22-Black/Gold, 23-Crawdad, 24-Amber/Olive, 25-Canadian Olive, 26-Reddish Brown, 27-Blood Leach, 28-Deep Leech, 29-Steelhead Orange, 30-Fuchsia, 31-Silver Minnow, 32-Golden Shiner, 33-Bronzeback, 34-Canadian Orange, 35-Violet, 36-Starlight, 37-Silver Holographic, 38-Gold Holographic, 39-Black Peacock, 40-Crowley Perch, 41-Cranefly Tan, 42-Halloween, 43-Yellow, 44-Golden Yellow, 45-Brown/Brick, 46-DW Brown, 47-Light Crowley Perch, 48-Fathead, 49-Black Magic

1 review for Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing

  1. EK (verified owner)

    So many uses for this dubbing product. Excellent product hands down.

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