Flybox Neon-15 Fritz (Blob)


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NEON-15 is the first ever ‘non-translucent’ blob fritz.

In this material, neon flashabou fibers replace the traditional translucent fibers – to create a strong, bold, non-translucent color effect which is 30% brighter at depth than standard blob fritz. Another key advantage of NEON-15 is that it can be dyed into unique colors that are not possible on a standard translucent material. We hope you like it as much as the fish do!

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Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Fl. Sunburst, Competition Sunburst (Comp S/B), Fl. White, Onyx Black, Camo Olive, Fl. Coral, Chartreuse, Biscuit, Sunburst Peach (S/B Peach), Fl. Apple, Baby Pink, Sweetcorn, Hot Coral


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