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We have the pleasure to offer you one of the best materials for tying nymphs!! Troutline Catgut Biothread. This fantastic fly tying material has an opacity aspect when it’s dry and when it gets wet it becomes milky translucent. When it’s dry the material is stiff and a little bit difficult to work with so we recommend that it should be used wet! For that, you should keep the material in warm water for 3-5 min. The color will change from opaque to milky transparent color.
Different threads under different catgut will give the underbody different shades of color. Fabulous for making bodies on nymphs, larva and emergers.

Technical Details

* Size Large (L) is for hooks #8-#10 L = 0.7mm

* Size Medium (M) is for hooks #12-#14 M = 0.5mm

* Size Small (S) is for hooks #14-#16 S = 0.3mm

* Size Extra Small (XS) is for hooks #16-#20 XS = 0.18mm

* Approx: 50cm/bag

* Special treated for long durability in water.

Additional information


XSmall (Recommended Sizes #16-20), Small (Recommended Sizes #14-16), Medium (Recommended Sizes #12-14), Large (Recommended Sizes #8-10)


Caddis Green, Transparent/Natural, Olive, Green Olive, Olive Brown, Ginger, Cinnamon, Brown, Red, Yellow, Dark Claret, Orange, Peach, Pink

5 reviews for Catgut Biothread Body Material

  1. Barry (verified owner)

    This product is relatively new to me. It was highlighted in a flytying article and I was curious. I think it works well but the test will be when I fish. I’m glad I found it in the USA because I was skeptical about purchasing from overseas. It’s the same product and well priced. I found it works best over silk and a pre-painted white shank.

  2. rhy (verified owner)

    Great stuff for caddis pupa and some other nymphs. Check put the articles and videos on the web detailing how to tie with it (soak in water first). It shrinks when dry but soaks up water and has a realistic translucency when wet.

  3. Alan (verified owner)

    Catgut produces a very realistic translucent body when wet, especially good for caddis larva and pupa imitations. I like the natural color, with body color created by the thread color underneath. Be sure to soak before wrapping and to leave a little space between wraps for the material to swell when wet.

  4. steve (verified owner)

    Catgut natural was well worth the wait.I put on wishlist and I got notified it was in,Bauda Boom I bought it

  5. Bill (verified owner)

    Great stuff for caddis pupa and some other nymphs. Soak it in water for a few minutes and it goes on the hook nicely.

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