Hends Tungsten Heavy Body/Jig Back Bead (10 Pack)

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Specially designed to make your flies sink super fast and be efficient. Easy to tie on the hook back and can be covered by any fly tying material. Heavy enough to put your nymph in fast feeding riffle areas or just to get you down fast.

* Sold in packs of 10.

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Copper, Black Nickel, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Pink Gold


2.4mm (Small/0.28gr-Fits #16), 2.8mm (Medium/0.36gr-Fits #14-16), 3.2mm (Large/0.54gr-Fits #12-14), 3.6mm (X-Large/0.98gr-Fits #8-12)

1 review for Hends Tungsten Heavy Body/Jig Back Bead (10 Pack)

  1. Connie Bowcutt (verified owner)

    Easy to tie on and eliminated the need for a bead and wire wrap for head and body nymph tying. The sculpted body means cranking out flies faster and requires less materials to fill in the body.

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