Offset Tungsten Beads

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Buy 4 packs or more and receive 10% off the beads. 25 beads per pack.

Offset Tungsten Beads aka Jig Off, Inst Jig tungsten beads are very new in most fly tying circles. The shape is more like a tear drop with an eccentric hole which helps the fly to act like a jig style fly, even if the hook is a standard shank nymph or streamer hook and not a jig style hook. This allows the hook too stay with the tip up and reduce the snags and leads to more fish being hooked securely.

2.5mm / #16-18 Hooks
3mm / #14-16 Hooks
3.5mm / #12-14 Hooks
4mm / #8-12 Hooks

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Offset Tungsten Beads AKA “Jig Off”, Inst Jig Tungsten beads are new in most fly tying circles. However, their purpose is making them increasingly popular. The shape is more like a tear drop. It’s shape is primarily to change the center of gravity on the fly, which causes it to flip hook-side up to act like a jig style fly, no matter what style hook has been used. This reduces snags and leads to more fish being hooked securely.

*Using Offset tungsten beads on standard shank nymph hooks instantly turn your fly into “jig” style flies.
*The hook point will always point up, which should allow more hook gap space and better hook ups.
*Designed to accept many different models and sizes of standard straight shank hooks.
*10-15% heavier than equivalent sizes of slotted or countersunk tungsten beads because less of the bead is removed to accommodate the hook.
*Just put the recessed side of the bead toward the rear of the hook, slide it up near the hook eye and create a thread dam or wrap some lead and jam into the recess of the bead and place some superglue to make it extra snug.
*25 beads per pack

2.5mm / #16-18 Hooks
3mm / #14-16 Hooks
3.5mm / #12-14 Hooks
4mm / #8-12 Hooks

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Metallic Black, Metallic Pink, Black Nickel, Copper, Gold, Metallic Light Pink, Silver


3.0mm, 4.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm

6 reviews for Offset Tungsten Beads

  1. EK (verified owner)

    Excellent for turning that favorite standard hook into a jig hook. I’ve used these in a variety of sizes and colors with no issues whatsoever.

  2. Jim (verified owner)

    Love the beads and the price! You get a decent amount of beads for the price. These offset beads are kind of hard to get. Keep up the good work Competitive Angler!

  3. Catskilljohn (verified owner)

    Like many of the products I have ordered from you, these offset beads are unique and give me the ability to present known producing patterns in another way. Can’t wait to try them in other sizes/colors.

  4. James Taylor

    Unique. Used them to tie perdigons and Devin Olsen’s Quilldigon.

  5. vincent bilotta (verified owner)

    I love getting more jig options

  6. Rick Julian (verified owner)

    Great beads , gets that fly down quick and rides like a jig hook , perfect!

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