Hends Competition Indicator


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A three color, fluorescent indicator material that’s made with a soft nylon monofilament. Perfect indicator/sighter for “Czech/Euro Style” nymph fishing.
*40 cm length, 5 pieces per pack
*Currently available in 4 Sizes!

-0.21mm (.008in), 4kg (8.8 pound)
-0.24mm (.009in), 5kg (11 pound)
-0.26mm (.010in), 6kg (13.2 pound)
-0.28mm (.011in), 8kg (17.6 pound)

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.21mm/(8.8lbs), .24mm/(11lbs), .26mm/(13.2lbs), .28mm/(17.6lbs), .18mm/(4.4lbs.)


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