Pierre Sempe Sighter/Indicator Nylon (100m)


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This range of nylons is even more exceptional in terms of both its diversity and its quality. Most of these colors remain unique in the market. Exceptional glide, no memory, no twist, no shine in the water thanks to the mast treatment of the colors. Now everyone will find their color for increased visualization.

* High visibility
* Super soft
* High abrasion resistance
* Non-pressure spooling (memory free)
* 100% high quality monofilament
* 100 meters
* Color change each +/-35cm

** Listed breaking strengths:

* 0.183 mm = 2.77 kg/6.1 lbs
* 0.164 mm = 2.38 kg/5.3 lbs
* 0.145 mm = 1.89 kg/4.2 lbs
* 0.124 mm = 1.55 kg/3.4 lbs

Additional information

Size & Color Options

Bicolor (Matte Yellow-Green) 0.12mm/6x, Bicolor (Matte Yellow-Green) 0.14mm/5.5x, Bicolor (Matte Yellow-Green) 0.16mm/4.5x, Bicolor (Matte Yellow-Green) 0.18mm/4x, Bicolor (Matte Green-Purple) 0.14mm/5.5x, Bicolor (Matte Green-Purple) 0.16mm/4.5x, Bicolor (Matte Green-Purple) 0.18mm/4x, Bicolor (Matte Yellow-Black) 0.12mm/6x, Bicolor (Matte Yellow-Black) 0.14mm/5.5x, Bicolor (Matte Yellow-Black) 0.16mm/4.5x, Tricolor (Matte Green-White-Orange) 0.14mm/5.5x, Tricolor (Matte Green-White-Orange) 0.16mm/4.5x, Tricolor (Matte Green-White-Orange) 0.18mm/4x, Tricolor (Matte Yellow-Red-Green) 0.14mm/5.5x, Tricolor (Matte Yellow-Red-Green) 0.16mm/4.5x, Tricolor (Matte Yellow-Red-Green) 0.18mm/4x


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