Jake’s Improved Zebra Midge (Tungsten)


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A new twist on a old standby. My go-to midge tied on a barbless hook and tungsten bead!

Hook: Fulling Mill Grab Gape #16, TMC 113 BLH #18-20
Bead: Competitive Angler Countersunk Tungsten Bead (Silver 2mm-5/64″)
Body: Benecchi 12/0 Ultra-fine Thread (Black)
Rib: Hends .09mm Wire (Copper)
Shuck/Tail: Flashabou Mirage Accent Opal (Midge Mirage)

**Note: Coat with a thin resin when finished, I prefer Solarez Ultra-Thin Bone Dry UV Resin

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18, 20


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