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The folks at Nature’s Spirit brought back an old-school product that many tiers were sad to see leave. Bringing back this product they decided to make a more user-friendly and versatile product. Originally a fine single-strand spun wool, we decided to turn it into a two-strand. By making Hand Spun Yarn thicker it gives the tier a larger variety of tying options such as larger dry flies, bodies on nymphs, and even making twisted extended bodies on big stoneflies and hoppers.

Adding that it is 2 strands it can be split very easily to get that classic super fine yarn we used to have. To even make it better we switched to a courser wool, this adds so much bugginess to the Hand Spun Yarn it looks even more natural then before.

* Packed at 3 yards per package.

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003-Mottled BWO, 015-Sulpher Orange, 033-Charcoal Black, 020-Caddis Green, 001-Mottled PMD, 044-Rusty Copper, 023-Brown, 004-Mottled Olive, 046-Sqwala Olive, 040-White Ivory, 011-Light Cahill, 026-Callibaetis, 034-March Brown, 037D-Dark Dun, 037M-Medium Dun, 014-Tannish Yellow, 009-Baetis, 005-Light Olive, 016-Muskrat Gray, 019-Golden Stone, 021-Mottled Caddis Green, 022-Mottled Caddis Tan, 024-Trico, 025-Pink Cahill, 037L-Light Dun, 047-Natural Brown Dun, 049-Adams Tan, 048-Light Hare's Ear, 073-Purple Haze, 099-Pheasant Tail Brown, 101-Peacock Herl, 102-Peacock Green, 104-Peacock Olive, 103-Peacock Blue, 105-Peacock Stone


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