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Eggstasy is a revolutionary new product for tying egg-flies. Unlike standard egg-yarn, which involves spinning yarn, Eggstasy is built on a core which means you can simply tie it like a chenille. The other huge difference that sets Eggstasy apart from other yarns is the fiber itself. Eggstasy is the first material to be made from new ‘Next Generation’ (NX-Gen Fiber). This material is a game-changer synthetic. NX-Gen Fibers are micro thin and are designed to trap water forming an almost slush-like texture when wet, almost like a sponge. The fibers themselves are also translucent which allows light to travel through the egg/blob – unlike standard egg yarn. NX-Gen Fiber has great movement, unlike egg yarn which remains static. In the water the egg looks almost life-like. Please note – we’ve photographed each color it it’s wet, slush-state – because there is a 30% color change when wet – so please ignore the color in the packet!!! Put it in the water and the color comes alive!

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Fl.Peach, Sockeye, UV White, Candy Pink, Pink Salmon, Hot Pink, Fl.Yellow, Fl.Sunburst, Chartreuse, Salmon Roe, Fire Orange, Mojito, Sweetcorn, Fl.Cheese, Fl. Red


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