Starfish Pearl Quill Body Ribbing (Medium)

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From Starfish (Slovakia) bring you Pearl Quill, Each of these fantastic colors has a UV effect. A very thin material that can be used as a body wrap for tiny flies or midges. They are also great for ribbing bodies on nymphs, wets, and dries!

* 1 meter per package.

* (OLD STOCK) = Is flatter like a ribbon with a smaller diameter in size than the current version of pearl quill.

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001-Pumpkin Orange, 002-Natural, 003-Cool Gray, 004-Crimson Red, 005-Olive Green, 006-Bronze, 008-Yellow Chartreuse, 009-Yellow Ochre, 010-Blood Red, 011-Green, 012-Orange Red, 013-Blue, 014-Purple, 015-Yellow, 016-Red, 017-Light Tan, 018-Brown Quill, 019-Black, 020-Orange, 021-Dark Green, 022-Pink, 007-Chartreuse, 023-Dark Red, 024-Soft Green, 025-Light Blue, 026-Gray, 027-Brown, 028-Olive, 029-Coral, 030-Honey, 001-Pumpkin Orange (OLD STYLE), 004-Crimson Red (OLD STYLE), 009-Yellow Ochre (OLD STYLE), 008-Yellow Chartreuse (OLD STYLE), 010-Blood Red (OLD STYLE), 011-Green (OLD STYLE), 012-Orange Red (OLD STYLE), 015-Yellow (OLD STYLE), 016-Red (OLD STYLE), 020-Orange (OLD STYLE)

2 reviews for Starfish Pearl Quill Body Ribbing (Medium)

  1. Tyson

    This stuff is amazing, wonderful for ribbing and body on nymphs.

  2. James (verified owner)

    I’m not impressed. The blood red I received was pink and the pumpkin orange and UV pink were considerably thinner than the UV red. I reached out to Competitive Angler to ask why and received no reply.

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