Textreme Long Hair Super Holographic Chenille



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Long Hair 3 cm. long, made by mixing a new type of holographic fibers, very soft and light. Its many color variations make it suitable for use it for tying small streamers, very fast but, at the same time, very robust and with a lot of movement. Excellent also as under body in larger streamers from predator, gives a lot of volume without weighing down the artificial. Pike and musky flies will benefit greatly from this material. Made from holographic fibers, it is extremely attractive to fish!

– 3 meters card,

Manufactured in Italy by Textreme Fly Tying Materials.

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Holo Bronze, Holo Gold/Bronze, Holo Gold/Copper, Holo Red/Copper, Holo Silver/Bronze, Holo Silver/Copper, Holo Silver/Gold


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