Hends Neon Thread


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Hends Neon Thread in a handy set of 12 colors at a discounted price for making many parts of the flies that we want to highlight to increase the efficiency of the fly. These are tags, collars, ribbing etc.

-The material also reacts to UV radiation, making it even more attractive.

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1426-Fl. Yellow, 1428-Hot FL. Orange, 2643-Fl. Red, 2730-Chartreuse, 6055-Orange, 7027-Fl. Green, 7051-Light Yellow Chartreuse, 7068-Pink, 7137-Light Chartreuse, 7184-Salmon, 7801-Fl. Pink, 7888-Hot Fl. Red Orange, 8083-Light Fl. Orange, 8775-Fl. Red Pink


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