Hends 0.18mm Medium Colored Wire


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A nice wire to tie with and the spools have a really useful snap clip edge that holds the wire in place.
-0.18mm or Medium diameter.
-18 yards per spool.

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00-Silver, 01-Gold, 02-Copper, 03-Red, 04-Red Brown, 06-Yellow, 10-Light Brown, 16-Pink, 17-Blue Violet, 18-Dark Violet, 19-Light Turquoise Blue, 20-Gunmetal Violet, 21-Chartreuse, 22-Mauve, 23-Violet, 26-Orange, 30-Black, 33-Brown, 80-Old Silver, 08-Green, 15-Olive, 05-Rose Gold, 12-Blue, 81-Silver Gold Patina, 09-Brass (Yellow Gold ), 27-Red/Rose, 31-Gold/Orange, 35-Smoked Gray


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