Hends 0.09mm X-Fine Colored Wires

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A nice wire to tie with and the spools have a really useful snap clip edge that holds the wire in place.

-0.09mm or extra small diameter

-24 yards per spool

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00-Silver, 01-Gold, 02-Copper, 03-Red, 04-Red Brown, 06-Yellow, 07-Dark Green, 08-Green, 10-Light Brown, 12-Blue, 15-Olive, 16-Pink, 17-Blue Violet, 18-Dark Violet, 19-Light Turquoise Blue, 21-Chartreuse, 23-Violet, 26-Orange, 30-Black, 33-Brown, 80-Old Silver, 81-Silver/Gold Patina, 28-Bright Violet, 29-Gold Olive, 32-Warm Gold, 38-Red/Orange, 09-Brass (Yellow Gold), 27-Red/Rose, 31-Gold/Orange

4 reviews for Hends 0.09mm X-Fine Colored Wires

  1. R.Stearn (verified owner)

    Very nice , strong wire; thinner than most thread, use larger wire for ribbing suggested

  2. R.Stearn (verified owner)

    Very thin wire, smaller than most thread but ssttrong, use larger wire for ribbing, suggested

  3. EK

    Excellent for wire bodies.

  4. Dry Fly Angler (verified owner)

    Excellent wire for micro dry flies <#20.

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