Hends Colored Body Quills

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-Translucent synthetic material for forming nymph and dry,and midge fly bodies.
-24 Yards per spool

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02-Light Yellow Olive, 03-Ochre, 04-Brown Beige, 05-Light Salmon, 06-Yellow, 08-Red, 10-Brown, 11-Light Olive Brown, 12-March Brown, 13-Beige Grey, 14-Grey Beige, 15-Light Grey, 16-Salmon, 17-Violet, 19-Pink, 20-Green, 22-Red Dark Brown, 30-Black, 32-Dark Olive Brown, 33-Dark Brown, 34-Light Yellow Olive, 35-Dark Olive, 36-Turquoise Blue, 37-Claret, 39-Light Olive, 40-Light Brown Beige, 41-Fl. Pink, 94-Fl. Orange, 96-Chartreuse, 99-Fl. Yellow, 294-Fl. Dark Orange, 233-Dark Brown/Black

1 review for Hends Colored Body Quills

  1. Jon (verified owner)

    Excellent, strong, synthetic material. Works great for small nymphs and many other uses

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