Hends Colored Body Quills

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* Translucent synthetic material for forming nymph and dry, and midge fly bodies.

* 24 Yards per spool

* 1/69″ width.

* Makes great midge bodies.

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02-Light Yellow Olive, 03-Ochre, 04-Brown Beige, 05-Light Salmon, 06-Yellow, 08-Red, 10-Brown, 11-Light Olive Brown, 12-March Brown, 13-Beige Grey, 14-Grey Beige, 15-Light Grey, 16-Salmon, 17-Violet, 19-Pink, 20-Green, 22-Red Dark Brown, 30-Black, 32-Dark Olive Brown, 33-Dark Brown, 34-Light Yellow Olive, 35-Dark Olive, 36-Turquoise Blue, 37-Claret, 39-Light Olive, 40-Light Brown Beige, 41-Fl. Pink, 94-Fl. Orange, 96-Chartreuse, 99-Fl. Yellow, 294-Fl. Dark Orange, 233-Dark Brown/Black

2 reviews for Hends Colored Body Quills

  1. Jon (verified owner)

    Excellent, strong, synthetic material. Works great for small nymphs and many other uses

  2. eric (verified owner)

    This review is a follow up to my previous rating for Body Quill. Besides the smaller diameter than some other versions which allows for smaller or skinnier flies, you don’t have to bulk up with wire for ribbing. Just finish the body at the back, color it with a waterproof pen, let it dry and wrap it forward as a rib.

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