The original metallic tinsel flash that can be used from ribbing nymph bodies to using it on various streamer patterns. Contains approximately: 1,700 strands, 1/69″ wide by 10″ long.

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A very strong, sparkle, flat mylar. Used on almost every style of flies. Extremely soft, highly mobile with a pulsating action. Excellent for wings, tails and bodies.
*Contains approximately: 1,700 strands, 1/69″ wide by 10″ long.

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6906-Copper, 6902-Gold, 6901-Silver, 6905-Pearl, 6904-Ice Blue Pearl, 6928-Sunburst, 6925-Salt & Pepper, 6913-Purple, 6932-Speckled Silver, 6933-Speckled Gold, 6934-Speckled Copper, 6947-White, 6912-Black, 6916-Blue Steel, 6917-Bronze, 6918-Pink, 6911-Red, 6926-June Bug, 6924-Rainbow, 6927-Perch, 6910-Dark Blue, 6915-Light Blue, 6914-Fuchsia, 6919-Grape, 6920-Purple Chub, 6903-Kelly Green, 6922-Ocean Green, 6923-Bull Frog, 6921-Fountain Blue, 6935-Clear


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