Nature’s Spirit Rabbit Zonker Strips 1/4″ & 1/8″


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Natures Spirit straight cut zonker strips cover a wide variety of tying needs, extremely popular for standard and articulated streamers.

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1/8", 1/4"


04-Olive, 04s-Sculpin Olive, 16-Gray, 23-Brown, 33-Black, 35v-Gold Variant, 40-White, 04v-Olive Variant, 10b-Rusty Brown, 23a-Golden Brown, 24-Dark Brown, 42-Tan, 48v-Grizzly Variant, 82-Crawdad Orange, 91-Dark Olive, 12-Yellow, 73-Purple, 23L-Natural Light Brown, 35-Gold, Crawdad Orange Variant, 72-Fl. Chartreuse, 79a-Fl. Green, 74s-Salmon Pink, 10b-Rusty Brown, 76-Fl. Yellow, 76a-Fl. Yellow Chartreuse, 93-Chinchilla, 72-Fl. Chartreuse, 05-Light Olive, 71-Fl. Orange, 32-Orange, 92-Shrimp Pink, 74-Pink, 15-Peach, 75a-Fuchsia, 74b-Fl. Pink


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