Hemingway Deer Hair Dubbing


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Excellent, hi-floating mixture with cutted, dyed and curled winter hair deer hair. For tying nymph thoraxes. Great for dry caddis patterns. Extremely unique, highly sought after, and simply one of the hottest dubbings in the modern world of fly tying today. It is a mixture consisting of cut, curled, and dyed winter deer hair. Because deer hair is a much larger diameter than other animal hairs, it has a spongy texture and is hollow in structure, all resulting in a perfect material for tying dry flies as it keeps them afloat. Very versatile and it can be used to tie everything from heads, legs, and antenna on dry flies, to gills, legs, and bodies, on nymphs, emergers, even midges. Just about anything else you let your imagination run with!

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Black, Brown, Natural


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