Whiting Super ‘Bou


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Whiting Farms Super ‘Bou is a premium quality spey chicken saddle used for tying streamers, shrimp, buggers leeches and more. It’s more of a hybrid between traditional marabou and chickabou that only Whiting Farms can produce with their quality of birds.

With more movement and durability than Marabou, use Super ‘Bou for any recipe calling for Marabou.

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Grizzly, Grizzly Dyed Brown, Grizzly Dyed Burnt Orange, Grizzly Dyed Coachman Brown, Grizzly Dyed Dark Olive, Grizzly Dyed Fl. Yellow Chartreuse, Grizzly Dyed Heron Grey, Grizzly Dyed Olive, Grizzly Dyed Purple, Grizzly Dyed Tan, Grizzly Dyed Yellow, White dyed Black, White dyed Burnt Orange, White dyed Dark Dun, White dyed Olive, White dyed Orange, White dyed Purple, White Dyed Tan, White


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