Whiting Chickabou Patches


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The marabou like feathers are what Whiting Farms named Chickabou. It is a much finer and more delicate than turkey marabou which tends to be large and coarse. Because it’s from chicken, numerous patterns and markings are available to enhance the effectiveness. Particularly grizzly and dyed grizzly colors. It can be used in two basic ways. When tied on at the rear of the fly Chickabou provides an exceptionally alive appearing tail for damsel patterns, dragon flies and smaller woolly buggers. When tied onto the body of the fly, either sparsely or generously, an incredibly live and undulating motion of the Chickabou occurs in even the slightest water movement.

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Grizzly, Grizzly Dyed Brown, Grizzly Dyed Dark Olive, Grizzly Dyed Fl. Green Chartreuse, Grizzly Dyed Golden Olive, Grizzly Dyed Heron Grey, Grizzly Dyed Olive, Grizzly Dyed Orange, Grizzly Dyed Pink, Grizzly Dyed Purple, Grizzly Dyed Shell Pink, Grizzly Dyed Tan, Grizzly Dyed Yellow, White dyed Black, White Dyed Brown, White Dyed Coachman Brown, White dyed Copper Olive, White Dyed Golden Olive, White Dyed Tan, White


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