Whiting 100 Pack Dry Fly Hackle


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Highest quality Whiting saddle hackle PRE-GRADED for hook size. The pre-sized Whiting genetic saddle hackle is conveniently accessible within its own protective cardboard backer.

* Clearly labeled and ready for tying 100 or more flies per pack.

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12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 10


Dark Barred Ginger, White dyed Medium Dun, Brown, Black, Light Ginger, White dyed Light Dun, Grizzly dyed Medium Dun, Grizzly dyed Dun, Grizzly Variant, Cree, Furnace, Grizzly dyed Golden Olive, White dyed Dark Dun, Medium Ginger, White, Barred Medium Ginger, Natural Grizzly, Grizzly dyed Pale Yellow, Dun Grizzly, Grizzly dyed Olive, Grizzly dyed Dark Olive, Golden Badger, Grizzly dyed Golden Brown, Grizzly dyed March Brown, Grizzly dyed Golden Straw


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