Swiss CDC Super Select CDC Feathers (1 Gram)

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As a matter of principle, we only offer duck CDCs (Cul de Canard) taken from winter feathers. We made this decision on the basis of the significantly better quality. Ducks breed less in the winter, which means that the appearance of the feathers is considerably better. In the warmer seasons, the breeding ducks are subjected to heat and even greater burdens. This has a particularly negative effect on the quality of the feathers.

*Many fly tyers attach great importance to un-dyed CDC feathers. Colors, created by nature, high quality and a symmetrical symmetry of the feathers, which wonderfully catchy fly patterns arise from this CDC. As the name implies, selected feathers in premium quality, each one hand-selected!

*Only well-trained and reliable employees reserve the right to select the springs. The result is a quality and goodness that is beyond any doubt and inspires world-renowned fly tying. With our Super Select feathers, you can also create wonderful fly patterns. You are by no means limited to the dry fly, CDC on many nymphs belong to the most successful patterns. Each feather of the pack is usable, so this material pays for itself.

*SWISSCDC offer only the best wild duck CDC’s, taken from the winter feathers. We decided to do this for reasons of significantly better quality. Duck breeding is the quietest during the winter, making the feathers look much better. In the warm season, the breeding ducks are exposed to the heat and greater loads. This in turn has a strong negative impact on the quality of the springs (feather).

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01 White, 02 Blue Dun, 23 Olive, 33 Black, 35 Rusty Brown, 04 Light Brown, 05 Khaki Campell, 06 Brown, 07 Dark Brown, 08 Dark Grey Khaki, 09 Pale Yellow, 14 Pale Dun, 15 Dun, 16 Dark Dun, 18 Pale Pardo, 19 Pardo, 22 Pale Olive, 24 Dark Olive

1 review for Swiss CDC Super Select CDC Feathers (1 Gram)

  1. Flynn (verified owner)

    On the whole, the feathers are of higher quality than other CDC I have purchased. I was slightly disappointed to see a number of small feathers, which I did not expect. The Super Select package is supposed to have all hand-selected feathers of a larger size.

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