Spirit River UV2 Peacock Herl


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Nothing beats natural peacock. Whether it is trout or steelhead, peacock has always been and will always be a lethal material.

-Spirit River UV2 Peacock Herl takes all of the greatness that standard peacock herl offers and adds incredible UV properties that fish cannot resist.

-This UV2 Peacock Herl and eyes are a beautiful blend of bronze, olive, and brown with UV fluorescence and reflectance.

What is UV2 Technology?
It is a double dye process to give all of their UV2 materials and flies added UVF/UVR ultraviolet wavelengths. UV Fluorescence is used on everything from street signs to fly tying materials. UV Reflectance on the other hand is a spectrum of wavelengths humans cannot visually see, yet it is extremely common in the animal and insect world. UVR allows mayflies to find mates, and bees to find flowers. Fish can see it, and they love it. UV materials and flies are becoming much more popular within the fly-fishing world because of the success they bring while on the water.


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