Nature’s Spirit Cul De Canard (CDC) Feathers


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Naturally waterproof and buoyant, CDC feathers grow near a duck’s preen gland. They are incredibly lifelike on the water. CDC is a great material for wings and bodies on dry flies or use to make great-looking veils on nymphs.

* Approximately 75 feathers per pack.

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01-Pale Morning Dun, 03-Blue Winged Olive, 04-Olive, 05-Light Olive, 06-Pale Olive, 07-Gray Olive, 08-Brown Olive, 09-Baetis, 11-Light Cahill, 13-Pale Yellow, 14-Tannish Yellow, 23-Brown, 26-Callibaetis, 28-Mahogany, 33-Black, 35-Wood Duck, 36D-Dark Slate Dun, 36L-Light Slate Dun, 36M-Medium Slate Dun, 37D-Dark Gray Dun, 37L-Light Gray Dun, 37M-Medium Gray Dun, 40-White, 42-Tan, 70-Amber


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