Nature’s Spirit Cul De Canard (CDC) Feathers


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Naturally waterproof and buoyant, CDC feathers grow near a duck’s preen gland. They are incredibly lifelike on the water. CDC is a great material for wings and bodies on dry flies or use to make great-looking veils on nymphs.

-Approximately 75 feathers per pack.

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Baetis, BWO, Callibaetis, Dark Gray Dun, Dark Slate Dun, Light Cahill, Light Gray Dun, Light Slate Dun, Mahogany, Medium Gray Dun, Medium Slate Dun, PMD, Tannish Yellow, Wood Duck, Amber, Black, Brown, Brown Olive, Gray Olive, Light Olive, Olive, Pale Olive, Pale Yellow, Tan, White


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