Fish Hunter Saddle Hackle Feathers


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Saddle Hackle is a smaller hackle that is perfect for all your saddle needs. Tails, small buggers, and small streamers, Just some of the uses and it’s why you can’t go wrong with this smaller hackle feather.

* Averaging 4-5″ in length.

* 1/8 oz bag.

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000-Bleached White, 001-Fl. White (UV), 002-Fl. Yellow (UV), 003-Lemon Yellow, 004-Fl. Chartreuse (UV), 005-Fl. Lime (UV), 006-Fl. Medium Pink (UV), 007-Kelly Green, 008-Dark Olive, 010-Medium Olive, 011-Light Olive, 012-Gray Olive, 013-Yellow Olive, 014-Galloup's Brown Olive, 015-Sculpin Olive, 016-Purple, 017-Fl. Fuchsia (UV), 021-Fl. Silver Dun (UV), 022-Heron Gray, 024-Burnished Golden Tan, 030-Hot Orange, 031-Hot Red, 032-Fl.Creamsicle Orange (UV), 033-Maroon/Wine, 035-Tan, 036-Black, 037-Brown, 040-Fl. Apricot (UV), 041-Dark Turquise/KFB, 045-Fl. Dragon Nymph Olive (UV), 046-Fl. Damsel Nymph Olive (UV), 047-Fl. Silver Doctor Blue (UV), 048-Fl. Steelhead Orange (UV), 050-Golden Olive, 052-Fl. Light Pink (UV), 058-Fl.Lilac (UV), 060-Fl. Hot Pink (UV), 065-Fl. Primrose Cream (UV), 066-Fl. Shrimp Pink (UV), 068-Fl. Steelhead Purple (UV), 071-Fl. Orange (UV), 075-Tobacco Brown, 084-Cinnamon, 096-Fl. Melon (UV), 109-Sculpin Tan (UV), 110-Medium Olive (UV), 115-Sculpin Olive (UV), 116-Purple (UV), 122-Heron Gray (UV), 128-Crawfish Orange (UV), 136-Black (UV), 137-Brown (UV)


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