Cookshill Woodcock Wings (1 Pair)

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Woodcock Wings, is another game bird hackle that is becoming very difficult to get. They have fantastic colors and a must have for the North Country Spiders (that require woodcock) and other soft hackles.
*Flies such as the March Brown, Grannom’s use Woodcock feathers for their hackles.

1 review for Cookshill Woodcock Wings (1 Pair)

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Bought the cookshill wings for soft hackles. The wings have coloration of dark brown to ginger. The covert feathers let you tie down to smaller sizes although use care not to break the stem. Hackle is soft and impart alot of movement in the water. Wings are in good condition without the sometimes found (gun damage). If you are tying soft hackle spiders, try Woodcock wings. The barring and color are incredible. I have purchased several cookshill skins and I have never been disappointed.

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