Nature’s Spirit X-tremely Fine Natural Dubbing


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This is the finest lambs fleece we have found to this day. This dubbing has long, meticulously aligned fibers that are a joy to dub for the smallest dry fly patterns. The fibers are fine enough to easily break off for a shorter fibered dubbing if desired. Many colors are blended for enhanced realism and bugginess.

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01-Pale Morning Dun, 03-Blue Winged Olive, 04-Olive, 05-Light Olive, 06-Pale Olive, 07-Olive Dun, 08-Brown Olive, 10-Rusty Spinner, 11-Light Cahill, 12-Yellow, 13-Pale Yellow, 14-Tannish Yellow, 15-Sulphur Orange, 15L-Sulphur, 16-Muskrat Gray, 17-Light Gray, 20-Caddis Green, 23-Brown, 24-Trico, 25-Pink Cahill, 26-Callibaetis, 27-Hendrickson, 29-Ephron White, 33-Black, 34-March Brown, 35-Cinnamon Caddis, 73-Purple Haze


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