Nature’s Spirit Snowshoe Rabbit Foot Dubbing


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This dubbing is a blend of rabbit fur and spiky fur trimmed from the hind feet of snowshoe rabbits. Many of the colors are achieved by blending several different colors together; very buggy! This is a unique product well worth trying.

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04-Olive, 07-Gray Olive, 08-Brown Olive, 10b-Rusty Brown, 16-Muskrat Gray, 19-Golden Stonefly, 33-Black, 23-Brown, 42-Tan, 48-Hare's Ear, 83-Pheasant Tail, 82b-Rusty Olive, Blood Red Leech, 05-Light Olive, 13-Pale Yellow, 33a-Black Blood Leech, 73-Purple, 20-Caddis Green, 14a-Tannish Olive, 26-Callibaetis, 44-Cream


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