Nature’s Spirit Disco Dubbing


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Nature’s spirit’s own version of Ice dub/Prism Dub. The folks at nature’s spirit took some special care in getting this going and we are very happy with it. Not to mention, a lot of the colors are blends not straight dyed products. Giving you a perfect mixture for each color and adding a solid mottled selection to your sparkle dubbings.

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01-Pale Morning Dun, 03-Blue Winged Olive, 04-Olive, 08-Brown Olive, 10-Rusty Brown, 101-Peacock Herl, 102-Peacock Green, 106-Peacock Olive, 12-Yellow, 13-Pale Yellow, 20-Emerald Caddis, 21-Pale Caddis, 26-Callibaetis, 30-Orange, 33-Black, 36-Burgandy, 42-Tan, 50-Golden Olive, 60-Pearl Green, 61-Pearl Purple, 62-Pearl Gold, 63-Polar Ice, 64-Light Shrimp, 65-Shrimp Orange, 66-Dark Shrimp, 73-Purple, 74-Pink, 84-Copper, 89-Light Purple, 90-Midnight Purple, 91-Dark Olive


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