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Masterblend has finally undergone a long overdue revision. It was originally developed for H.L.Leonard Rod Co. to compliment the books of dressings popular at that time. Through the 70’s and 80’s; additional blends were added, and several compliments of synthetic blends were developed. More up-to-date works have replaced the original books.

A brief explanation: Natureblend is 100% natural fur. No synthetic additives. Masterblend will be natural fur with Antron added for those who appreciate the benefits of Antron. Both Masterblend and Natureblend will have the same color compliment, the same color names, and the same color.

We also have the Pat Weiss’s Walts Worm Blend available. (needed to tie his famous mustard walts worm nymph)

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Female Trico Dun/Pale Olive Midges, Baetis Nymph/Olive Caddis Pupa, Olive Caddis, Sulpher Nymphs/Isonychia, Bicolor/Choc.Dun/Isonychia Nymph, Early Brown Stone/Hendrickson Nymph, March Brown Nymph/Art Flicks March Brown Nymph, American Grannom, Pat Weiss's Waltz Worm Blend, Dark Limestone Sulphur Nymph, Medium Limestone Sulphur Nymph, Light Limestone Sulphur Nymph, Tan/Olive Sulphur, Dark Freestone Sulphur Nymph, Early Blue Wing Olive, Green Caddis (Little Juniata Blend), March Brown Spinner

3 reviews for Jack Mickievicz Natureblend

  1. Mike Yamrick (verified owner)

    This series of dubbing is great.

  2. Ed Vanover

    Best dubbing blends available today, bar none!
    PLUS is the ONLY supplier who can supply consistency, both of material content and color, in those blends.
    HIGHLY recommended!

  3. Alex Argyros

    I love this stuff, but I would like to order some in the mustard color Pat Weiss uses for his Walt’s Worm and that option isn’t available in the menu. How would I go about ordering some?

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