Hends Synthetic Peacock Dubbing


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Hends Synthetic Peacock Dubbing. This is a fantastic substitution of natural peacock herl. It is easy to tie buggy looking and durable “peacock” fly bodies. Can be use in place of natural peacock. They have 12 of your favorite colors.

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03-Brown / Red (Violet Effect), 04-Dark Brown / Red (Violet Effect), 05-Black Green / Red (Violet Effect), 06-Black Violet / Red (Bronze Effect), 07-Bronze / Red (Violet Effect), 08-Black Violet / Green (Blue Effect), 09-Black Green / Violet Effect, 12-Dark Violet (Red Effect), 01-Dark Bronze / Blue (Violet Effect), 02-Dark Bronze / Red Effect, 10-Black Bronze / Violet (Red Effect), 11-Dark Green / Violet Effect, 12-Dark Violet / Red Effect, 13-Dark Violet / Bronze (Green Effect)


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