Hends Muskrat Dubbing


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This is excellent a excellent dubbing blend from hends. Its soft, and easy to apply which makes it a great dry fly dubbing. Also can be used in all types of wet and nymph bodies!!
*The chartreuse is a great caddis/green weenie color!

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04-Chartreuse, 14-Light Green Grey, 15-Hydropsyche, 17-Khaki, 18-Light Olive Gray, 19-Brown/Beige, 22-Olive Grey, 24-Cream, 27-Beige, 30-Peach, 31-Cinnamon, 32-Rusty Brown, 33-Light Brown, 34-Dark Beige, 35-Brown, 38-Dun, 39-Black, 21-Gold Olive


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