Hends Micro-Flash Dubbing


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This is a fine diameter flashabou textured synthetic dubbing that can be mixed with other dubbing materials. It is perfect for speedy formation of hot spot collars on streamer/nymph fly bodies.

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06-Yellow, 233-Brown, 35-Rusty Red, 02-Fl. Lt Orange, 08-Red, 113-Salmon, 12-Beige, 13-Orange Hell, 17-Violet, 18-Dk. Violet, 19-Pink, 234-Dk. Olive, 235-Rusty Brown, 241-Fl. Violet Pink, 33-Lt. Brown, 335-Dk. Brown, 34-Lt. Olive, 39-Olive, 41-Fl. Pink, 435-Black/Blue, 89-Chartreuse, 94-Fl. Orange, 96-Fl. Green


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