Hends Hare Dubbing


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One of the most popular natural dubbing. The hair from Hare’s skin are used in many nymph, wet and dry fly patterns (GR Hare’s Ear, March Brown). Can be mixed with all synthetic dubbing’s to obtain the desired effect for the bodies. Easy to blend with other less malleable synthetic dubbing’s. Very easy to dub.

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01-Light March Brown (Natural), 02-Dark March Brown (Natural Dark), 03-Iron Dun, 04-Gold Olive, 05-Dark Ginger, 06-Cinnamon, 07-Thistle, 08-Rusty Brown, 10-Olive, 11-Dark Brown Olive, 12-Dark Brown, 13-Dark Brown Beige, 14-Coachman Brown, 15-Black, 16-Dark Olive, 17-Yellow Gray, 18-Yellow Olive, 19-Olive Green, 20-Insect Green, 21-Olive Grey, 22-Rusty, 23-March Brown, 26-Grey Olive


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