Arizona Mega Simi Seal Dubbing


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AZ Mega Simi Seal that is half again longer as normal Simi Seal with proven fish catching colors.  Better for longer leeches, buggers or bigger baitfish patterns.

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1-Black, 2-Black/Purple, 3-Black/Red, 5-Olive, 6-Peacock, 7-Bronze Peacock, 8-Canadian Brown, 9-Canadian Black, 10-Canadian Olive, 11-Blood Leech, 12-Deep Leech, 13-Black Peacock, 17-Deep Leech Plum, 28-Watermelon/Red, 26-Muddy Water, 18-Black UV, 25-Firecracker, 19-Dark Olive Brown, 22-DW Brown, 4-Golden Shiner, 23-Black Plum, 27-Boyensberry, 29-Dirty Olive, 30-Black Junebug, 14-Black Garnet, 15-Brown Garnet, 16-Black Sherbet, 20-Black Wine, 32-Canadian Rust, 33-Canadian Dark Brown, 34-Canadian Dark Olive, 21-Brown Brick, 24-Amber\Olive, 31-Dark Olive, 35-Black Magic, 36-Black\Blue, 37-Green Pumpkin


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