Arizona Diamond Dub


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This is a great dubbing for small midges up to large streamers and to use for hot spots. Bright and Flashy with great colors. It’s easily dubbed onto thread for use with small bodies and adds bulk to streamers. Created by John Rohmer.

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01-Ice Blue Brown, 02-Black, 05-Olive, 06-Copper/Olive, 07-Chocolate, 08-Dk Olive, 09-Black/Red, 10-Blood Leech, 11-Olive/Mocha, 12-Dk Copper/Mocha, 13-Copper/Mocha, 14-Black/Blue, 15-Firecracker, 16-Olive Brown, 17-Dk Olive Brown, 18-PT Brown, 19-Hares Ear, 21-Dk Hares Ear, 22-Oak, 25-Tan, 26-Lt. Tan, 29-Lt. Olive, 30-Chartreuse, 31-Caddis Green, 32-Orange, 33-Tangerine, 37-Pink, 39-Purple, 41-Peacock, 42-Bronze Peacock, 43-Callibaetis


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