Arizona Diamond Dubbing


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A bright, flashy, easy to use dubbing with a great assortment of colors. Good for your attractor patterns, salmon, steelhead patterns and hot spots.

* It’s easily dubbed onto thread for use with small bodies and adds bulk to streamers.

* Created by John Rohmer.

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01-Ice Blue Brown, 02-Black, 05-Olive, 07-Chocolate, 10-Blood Leech, 15-Firecracker, 16-Olive Brown, 18-PT Brown, 19-Hares Ear, 22-Oak, 25-Tan, 30-Chartreuse, 31-Caddis Green, 32-Orange, 33-Tangerine, 37-Pink, 39-Purple, 41-Peacock, 42-Bronze Peacock, 43-Callibaetis, 03-Dark Olive Yellow, 04-Dark Chocolate, 06-Copper Mocha, 08-Dark Olive, 09-Black Red, 11-Olive Mocha, 12-Dark Copper Mocha, 13-Copper Mocha, 14-Black Blue, 17-Dark Olive Brown, 20-Golden Olive Brown, 21-Dark Hares Ear, 23-Dark Oak, 24-October Caddis, 26-Light Tan, 29-Light Olive, 40-Violet


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