Wapsi Palmer Chenille


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Palmer Chenille is a great mylar based flash material used in a lot of bodies and collars for your fly patterns. When wrapped in closely spaced wraps around the hook, it makes a dense, flashy body. When palmered forward in evenly spaced wraps, it makes for a sparse body with lots of fiber movement and flash. When used in the latter manner, it can be substituted for a saddle hackle and makes great stillwater flies as well. Try it in place of a saddle hackle on flies like the woolly bugger. Unique, one-sided design. Gives lots of movement and flash to the fly.

* Comes in Small (10mm) & Medium (20mm) sizes.

* 3 yards per pack.

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Medium, Small


Black, Brown, Olive, Peacock, Pearl Gray, Purple, Root Beer, Tan


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