Jack Mickievicz Original Honeybug Cotton Chenille


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The original Honeybug was tied with the standard size on a #12 Mustad 3906 hook, Now a Hanak, hends or diachi would be even better. It’s the simplest fly to tie with exceptional fish catching qualities. Probably taken for caddis fly larve or Crane fly larve. Simply hide the hook, tie the chenille on at the eye of the hook, move the thread to the bend of the hook, wrap the chenille so as to crowd the eye of the hook and back to the bend, tie off and your done.The back can be darkened with water proof markers if desired.
*Standard size is best for #12 and smaller flies.

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Cream, Orange, Honey, Insect Green/Green Weenie, Caddis Green, Cress Bug, Shrimp, Grey, Tan, Pink, Light Green, Olive, Dark Tan, Green Weenie


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