Flybox Red Dragon Fritz Gel-Core 15mm (Blob)


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Flybox Red Dragon Fritz features flat red flash through the fritz. This version works particularly well mixed through standard blob fritz to give added flash or for using on halo blobs. It features a unique Gel-Core, which has some slight stretch for easy wrapping when tying but more importantly, this unique core allows the fibers and dye to penetrate deep into the core which allows no fibers to fall out when tying or loose its dye in the water like an inferior product.
*This is a well known fritz variation in the U.K. It works great with standard fritz to give some added bling.
*2 meters per pack

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Fl.Chartreuse, Ultimate Fire Orange, Fl.Yellow, Fl.Sunburst, Dark Claret, Medium Olive, Jet Black, Steelhead Blue


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