Cascade Crest Tools New Age Chenille

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This chenille was first developed by Warren Schoft of the Riverborn Fly Co. These off the wall color combinations have now been added to a number of effective new trout, steelhead and saltwater flies tied today. These make great Stones and Girdle bugs as well as any other chenille based fly!

Colors in the brackets represent the colors combined. For example, Rainbow/Black/Black, the first color is Base Mylar color / second color is effect or chenille color / third maybe an additional Mylar color.

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#0 (Small), #2 (Medium)


Black Pearl (Black/Pearl/Black Effect), Halloween (Pearl/Black/Burnt Orange), Dark Chocolate (Pearl/Black/Chocolate Brown), Copper Black (Copper/Black/Black), Amberstone (Copper/Ginger/Seal Brown), Goldstone (Gold/Ginger/Beige), Copper Gold Black (Copper/Gold/Black), Henry’s Lake (Copper/Seal Brown/Beige), Gold Black (Gold/Black/Black), Yellow Yummie (Gold/Gold/Yellow), Excelsior Olive (Copper/Gold Mylar/Dk.Olive), Chocolate Mint (Pearl/Peacock Green/Tobacco), Midnight Rainbow (Rainbow/Black/Black), Midnight Fire (Red/Rainbow Mylar/Black), Purple Beaver (Purple/Black/Beige), Leprechaun (Green/Dk.Brown/Dk.Brown), Silver Black (Silver/Blk/Blk), Dark Chocolate (Pearl/Black/Chocolate Brown), Klondike Gold (Gold/Silver/Silver), Cherry Chocolate (Red/Dk.Brown/Red), Red's Olive (Red/Olive/Olive), Winter Green (Pearl/Peacock Green/Olive), Winter Run Purple (Royal Blue/Rainbow Mylar/Purple), Summer Run Purple (Rainbow/Fuchsia/Lavender), Midnight Rainbow (Rainbow/Black/Black), White Pearl (Pearl/White/White), Fool's Gold (Gold/Pearl Mylar/Lt.Olive), Sadie Thompson (Red/Dk. Red/Red), Orange Crush (Copper/Burnt Orange/Yellow), Green Apple (Green/Pearl Mylar/Lt.Olive), Lemon Lime (Gold/Olive/Olive)

1 review for Cascade Crest Tools New Age Chenille

  1. john (verified owner)

    This is great chenille for size #6 & #8 3XL woolly buggers. Just the right amount of sparkle for the body.

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