Cascade Crest Tools New Age Chenille

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This chenille was first developed by Warren Schoft of the Riverborn Fly Co. These off the wall color combinations have now been added to a number of effective new trout, steelhead and saltwater flies tied today. These make great Stones and Girdle bugs as well as any other chenille based fly!

** Colors in the brackets represent the colors combined. For example, Rainbow/Black/Black, the first color is Base Mylar color / second color is effect or chenille color / third maybe an additional Mylar color.

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#0 (Small), #2 (Medium)


Black Pearl (Black/Pearl/Black Effect), Halloween (Pearl/Black/Burnt Orange), Dark Chocolate (Pearl/Black/Chocolate Brown), Copper Black (Copper/Black/Black), Amberstone (Copper/Ginger/Seal Brown), Goldstone (Gold/Ginger/Beige), Copper Gold Black (Copper/Gold/Black), Henry’s Lake (Copper/Seal Brown/Beige), Gold Black (Gold/Black/Black), Yellow Yummie (Gold/Gold/Yellow), Excelsior Olive (Copper/Gold Mylar/Dk.Olive), Chocolate Mint (Pearl/Peacock Green/Tobacco), Midnight Rainbow (Rainbow/Black/Black), Midnight Fire (Red/Rainbow Mylar/Black), Purple Beaver (Purple/Black/Beige), Leprechaun (Green/Dk.Brown/Dk.Brown), Silver Black (Silver/Blk/Blk), Dark Chocolate (Pearl/Black/Chocolate Brown), Klondike Gold (Gold/Silver/Silver), Cherry Chocolate (Red/Dk.Brown/Red), Red's Olive (Red/Olive/Olive), Winter Green (Pearl/Peacock Green/Olive), Winter Run Purple (Royal Blue/Rainbow Mylar/Purple), Summer Run Purple (Rainbow/Fuchsia/Lavender), Midnight Rainbow (Rainbow/Black/Black), White Pearl (Pearl/White/White), Fool's Gold (Gold/Pearl Mylar/Lt.Olive), Sadie Thompson (Red/Dk. Red/Red), Orange Crush (Copper/Burnt Orange/Yellow), Green Apple (Green/Pearl Mylar/Lt.Olive), Lemon Lime (Gold/Olive/Olive)

1 review for Cascade Crest Tools New Age Chenille

  1. john (verified owner)

    This is great chenille for size #6 & #8 3XL woolly buggers. Just the right amount of sparkle for the body.

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