Hends Body Glass Half Round Micro 0.9mm


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fairly stretchy (similar to hairline d-rib) and great for small nymph to midge bodies. Micro body glass is 0.9 mm wide (classic body glass is 1.2 mm wide). The flat back wraps around the hook creating an outward-facing curved segmented body. Can be tied over reflective tinsel for increased effect.

* 2.5 yds per pk.

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02-Orange, 06-Yellow, 15-Grey, 18-Violet, 193-Red, 241-Red Pink, 36-Wine Red, 39-Light Olive, 93-Deep Red, 01-Transparent, 03-Ochre, 10-Light Brown, 14-Dark Brown, 20-Dark Olive Brown, 22-Rusty Brown, 30-Black, 31-Khaki Brown, 34-Khaki, 35-Olive Brown, 37-Claret, 40-Beige


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