Faceted Slotted Tungsten Beads


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Buy 4 packs and receive 10% off. Our selection of Faceted (aka Disco) slotted beads come from one of the best sources we have found. These faceted, slotted tungsten beads really give extra flash with the reflective properties of the bead. These beads are made with 98% tungsten content. The smaller hole and narrower slot helps with placing slotted beads on jig hooks, removing the need to secure the bead with extra thread wraps to keep it in place. All packs contain 25 beads each.

Recommended sizes for hooks:
2.0mm or 5/64″ : Fits size 18-20 hooks
2.5mm or 3/32″ : Fits size 16 hooks
3.0mm or 7/64″ : Fits size 14 hooks
3.5mm or 1/8″ : Fits size 12 hooks
4.0mm or 5/32″ : Fits size 10 hooks

-Manufactured to our highest standards.
-98% tungsten
-Great selection of colors & finishes
-4mm beads comply with FIPS Mouche measuring device


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2.0mm – 5/64", 2.5mm – 3/32", 3.0mm – 7/64", 3.5mm – 1/8", 4.0mm – 5/32"


Metallic Pink, Rose Gold, Black Nickel, Copper, Gold, Metallic Light Pink, Silver


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